Dare to be a great novelist...

"Yes, You Can Be The One In A Million Who Gets A Big Book Contract"

Discover the insider secrets you MUST know if you want to see your novel selling in bookstores across the country.

Just as a brilliant invention can turn a "nobody" into a successful millionaire, so can your story idea turn you into a successful book author.  If you invest in your novel writing dream today, you'll enjoy the triumph of turning that dream into reality in the near future.

If you wait though...

Think about this:  I once spoke to a writer who'd had an idea for a young adult series for many years.  The idea was about a school for witches.  Sound familiar to you?  Does the name Harry Potter ring any bells?

This writer had her idea BEFORE J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter novel sold.  But this writer didn't get around to writing her novel.  She wanted to learn but she put off investing the money into the books that could have taught her.  Now she's bitter and discouraged.

True story.

You can be a successful novelist because the Novel Writing Made Easy System will reveal to you, in detail, a writing process that WORKS.

What I want you to do is this:  stop dreaming and start doing.


The Novel Writing Made Easy System has what you need to write novels that will sell in today’s market. It walks you through every step of the novel planning process AND teaches you how to turn yourself into an awesome writer (and much of that learning process is something you can do while you're going about your daily life-how can you beat that?)  Once you get the system, you can start putting it to work immediately. 

The things you regret most in your life are the tings you could have done but didn't.  How are you going to feel in a few months or years when you go into a bookstore and see a novel by another writer based on an idea you have in your head RIGHT NOW?



What Agents and Editors Want and Don’t Want:
8 DON’Ts and 8 DOs To Remember If You Want To Sell Your Novel Manuscript To A Big Publisher

Discover the "The Sweet Sixteen" MUST KNOW Dos and Don'ts that will make your novel manuscript stand out.

This is my free gift to you. You can download the PDF of the 47-page e-book RIGHT NOW. You don't even need to give me your e-mail address.


I planned and wrote a 500-page novel in 60 days … and you can too!

"Novel writing isn't quite as easy as painting by numbers, but Andrea has come as close as you can possibly get to making it that simple.  She has created a novel writing system that leads you step-by-step from initial idea through writing a manuscript draft, rewriting it and preparing the query and synopsis you need to submit it.  Andrea's book teaches you the essential elements of plot, character, setting, and pacing, and she teaches you how to develop all of these elements in a way that makes putting your novel together as much of a breeze as writing a novel can be.

"As the author of 37 books, including 33 novels, I can tell you that the most important part of writing a novel is knowing your characters well and setting up your story in a way that keeps the reader intrigued the whole way through.  Andrea's system helps you to do this.  I wish I'd had this system back when I first started writing.  Even after 37 years of writing and doing quite a lot of teaching--I still learned new tricks when I read her system.”

Margaret (Meg) Chittenden
Best-selling author of 37 books

You can spend hours trying to find the best books on novel writing.  You can take writing courses.  You can subscribe to writing magazines.  Of course, you’ll learn a lot about novel writing from any of these sources.

This shotgun method of learning, though, takes years, and costs hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.  I know.  This was how I started my writing career.

I thought because I had a novel idea and I had experience writing, I could read a few books and put together a novel.  But writing a novel isn’t like any other kind of writing.  If you don’t know exactly how all the components of a good novel fit together, writing a book is like juggling ten flaming torches while balancing a tarantula on your nose.

How do you put together a plot that hooks readers and keeps them turning pages?  How do you make your characters seem real?  How do you write description that’s original and engaging?  How do you write riveting dialogue?  How do you weave together subplots?  How do you know how much research to do?  How do you craft a scene?  How do you get yourself to write day after day?  How do you sell the novel if you do manage to finish it?

My name is Andrea Rains Waggener.  I spent years discovering the answers to all these questions.  But you’ll have all those answers when you have Novel Writing Made Easy.

Like Meg Chittenden said in the testimonial above, I wish I had a step-by-step system when I first started out.

I want you to have what I didn’t have.  You get everything you need to jumpstart your writing success when you buy the Novel Writing Made Easy System.

In just a minute, I’ll tell you about all the components of Novel Writing Made Easy

First, let me tell you what gives me the expertise to teach you the insider's track to novel writing success.  

I am the author of three books all published by large publishers.  I sold my first novel, Alternate Beauty, un-agented to Bantam.

The odds of selling a novel un-agented to one of the largest publishers in the world are greater than winning the lottery.  I did it using the same system you can have in your hands in minutes when you order Novel Writing Made Easy. 

In addition to my books, I’ve had dozens of short stories, essays, and poems published, and I was a newspaper columnist for five years.  My first sale was to Teen Magazine, and I still have a copy of that $100 check on my office wall, but since then, I’ve lost count of the number of royalty checks I’ve received.  Let’s just say that it’s a nice living.

Because of my writing success, I've been a guest on numerous radio shows.  I've also appeared on national TV, on Fox News Network's Fox & Friends and the Pacific Northwest TV shows, Northwest Afternoon and Being In Seattle.  In addition, my books have received coverage in newspapers such as the The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and in national magazines such as Fitness and Shape.

Obviously, I know a little something about good writing.  But having the knowledge and being able to teach it are two different things.  Many great authors know what I know, but they can’t get it across in a way that’s easy to understand.

Not only am I a successful author, I'm also an experienced teacher.  Before I became a writer, I was an attorney, and I taught basic writing skills and advanced legal writing at the University of Puget Sound Law School. I've also taught writing workshops and online writing courses, and I’m a writing coach. 

“I have wanted to write my novel for the past several years, but could never get myself past the first chapter despite numerous false starts and enrollment in a locally popular writing workshop. Ande’s system opened my eyes to what it really takes to write a novel, by providing a structured planning process that has helped me flush out much more clearly what it is that I want to write about, and the best way to go about telling my story.  Until discovering Ande’s system, I had never been able to collect my thoughts or organize them in a particularly cohesive manner. Her step-by-step method and taskbooks helped me finally write my novel.  She pushed me to think through the overall geometry of my novel very carefully so that everything fits together in the end - compelling storyline, interesting characters, and underlying message - and it all came together and got me a book contract, just like she promised.

"As a talented and published author herself, Ande not only provides invaluable practical advice on how to tell an interesting story that will keep your readers entranced, but she also teaches how to put together a novel that will actually get published. I highly recommend Ande’s system to any aspiring writers who are looking for a practical yet highly motivating novel writing system you can follow at your own pace.”

--Sandra Shih, Writer
New York, New York


Here's What's In The

Novel Writing Made Easy System

1. A 196-page e-book (over 62,000 words--that's longer than many bound books, over twice the length of most e-books), packed with all the information you need to easily plan and write a novel that editors will jump at the chance to publish. This book will lay out everything you need to know about plotting, characters, setting, research, pacing and scene structure, getting the writing right, and preparing for submission to agents and editors. You will learn

 How to brainstorm your way to a great plot - many writers get stuck at the idea point because they don't know how to turn an idea into a full plot.  You'll learn the process of expanding an idea into a story big enough for a novel.

 The BREAKTHROUGH TECHNIQUE of novel structure-something I call “The Staircase Method,” that will turn you into a plotting genius practically overnight.

 The essential ingredient to every good novel - if your novel doesn't have this, it will be boring, and it will never sell.

 How to fill your novel with what readers are starving for - readers read so they can escape, and they want to be compelled to turn pages.  You'll learn how to give readers what they want, and you’ll have the writing success you want.

 The most important trick you need to know to create great characters - characters that aren't built around this technique are flat and uninteresting.

 How to avoid the BIG mistake that many writers make with settings - get this wrong, and your novel will be branded as amateurish.

 Cool research tricks for finding the information you need - sometimes the answers you need can be hard to get - learn where to look.

 What every scene in your book needs - get this wrong and editors will reject you so fast your head will spin.

 How to organize your scenes so writing your novel is almost like paint by numbers - make your novel writing almost as easy as just filling in the blanks.

 How to write a reader-grabbing novel opening - the first pages of your novel are critical.  Learn how to get them right.

 How to write a compelling query letter - learn to write a letter that will get agents and or editors attention.

 The importance of and the secret to writing a good synopsis - you'd think writing a 400 page book is the tough part.  But condensing that 400 pages into 10 is even tougher.  Learn the best way to do this and do it well.

And much, much more.

All of these skills combined will turn you into an expert author, but listen to what people have to say about just one of the techniques you’ll learn in Novel Writing Made Easy:

“Wow, Ande!  Your Staircase Method is amazing!  It helped me get a handle on a plot that’s been driving me nuts.  Once I used your method, the story blasted out of me.”

--Craig Westmarl, Writer
Vancouver, BC

“My novel got rejected by a couple dozen agents.  I bought your system and went back and rewrote my novel using your Staircase Method.  When I resubmitted to an agent who had told me my plot needed work, she agreed to represent me! Woo hoo!!”

--Angie Brinkman, Writer
Seattle, Washington

“This is great stuff!  Seemed too forced when you first told me about it, but when I actually used the technique, my story made SO much more sense.  The novel I’m working on is the second one I’ve done.  The first one was too lousy to even submit.  But my husband read it and he read this one too, and he says it’s way, way better.  I’m sure that’s because of your system.  This novel is good enough to send to agents, thanks to you."

--Caroline Steele, Writer
Sydney, Australia

“If people paid what you’re asking for your whole novel writing system just for your Staircase Method, they’d be getting a bargain.  I’d have paid twice that for it.  It’s catapulted my writing to the next level!  Thanks so much.”

--Devon Hamilton, Writer
Birmingham, United Kingdom

You'll Also Get ...

2. A 103-page Taskbook that leads you through the exact steps you need to take to get from idea to completed novel.

And that's not all...

The Novel Writing Made Easy System also includes 5 1/2 hours of audio that will improve your writing tenfold even if you don’t have time to sit down and write.  Once you do start writing, the audios will help you “write it up a notch.”

These audios, which you can download onto your computer or your mp3 player or save them to CDs you can play in your car or in a player (these are NOT physical audios that will be mailed to you-they are downloads), will make it easy for you to

 Develop a writer’s eye that will give your writing jump-off-the-page life.

 Heighten your five senses so you can tap into them easily to make your scenes seem so real your readers will feel like they’re there.

 Make masterful use of metaphors, similes and other techniques to compose beautiful word pictures.

 Nurture the free spirit within who will help you become a brilliant wordsmith.

 Create intricate layers of meaning in your writing by combining ideas … this will be sure to get agents’ and editors’ attention.

 Develop unshakable confidence in your writing.

 Follow your thoughts to genius.

You will learn everything I just listed without even doing any writing at all.  The Improve Your Writing Without Even Writing Audios are groundbreaking instruction that will allow you to use time you might otherwise be wasting.  When you do the exercises I walk you through on these audios, you will AMP UP YOUR WRITING so much you won’t believe what comes out of you when you finally get to the page.  You won’t find audios like these anyplace else.

And you get even more audio instruction.  Learn how to

 Create a powerful hook … the foolproof way to land a book deal.

 Sock your readers in the belly with the kind of BIG conflicts that create bestselling books.

 Make your settings legendary … this secret alone will make you stand out from the crowd of wannabe writers.

AND to inspire you to greatness, you also get over 40 minutes of IF THEY DID THAT, I CAN GET WHAT I WANT TOO audios.  These audios are stories of real people who have accomplished incredible things, against great odds.  I created these audios because I’ve heard way too many people tell me it’s impossible to break into the big publishing market.  Nothing’s impossible.  My story proves it.  These audios will encourage you to throw away any thoughts about why you won’t succeed as a novelist.

Here’s what people are saying about the Write It Up A Notch Audios.

“Who knew I could drive and become a better writer at the same time?  Your audios are amazing.  I listened to them and did the exercises for two weeks, while I was also taking a writing class.  When I handed in my last assignment, my instructor said my description and style were MUCH better.  I hadn’t done any writing other than the assignment itself, so I know it was the audios that helped me improve.”

--Celia Reynolt, Writer
Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My writing group kept telling me my characters were flat, and I didn’t know how to fix it.  Thanks to your audios, especially ‘Discover How Real Characters Can Be,’ I was able to rewrite my stories and make my characters SO much better.  My writing group is so impressed they all are going to buy your system now.”

--Wanda Sanders, Writer
Orange County, California

“I’d have spent three times as much for just the audios alone.  You really over-deliver.  Thanks to you, I really feel like a writer now, and no more writer’s block!”

--Evan Winslow, Writer

“Writing description used to be SO hard for me.  Now it’s not only easy, it’s fun … all because of your audios.  Your exercises have made me start thinking like a writer, just like you said they would.  THANK YOU!”

--Gary Smith, Writer
Atlanta, Georgia

“I love the If They Did That, I Can Get What I Want Too audios.  I didn’t expect to get so much from these, but they really lit a fire under me.  I have listened to them three times, and I keep going back to them.  They keep me going.”

--Peggy Olsen, Writer
New Zealand

So do you have all that?  When you buy the Novel Writing Made Easy System, you get a 196-page e-book, a 103-page taskbook, AND 5 1/2 hours of audio instruction … a POWERFUL package of information to help you be the successful novelist you want to be.  But I’m not stopping there. 

When You Purchase My Novel Writing Made Easy System, You ALSO GET the How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire System

I sell the How To Become a Writer Extraordinaire System separately for $37 to writers who aren’t ready to tackle a novel. That system, which is packed with tips and tricks for having writing success will cost you $0 when your purchase the Novel Writing Made Easy SystemThat's zero dollars.

You get TWO Complete writing systems for the price of one.

"I have played around with other forms of novel writing courses that were ok, I suppose, but I never really got much out of them. They were good programs, particularly the novel writer's workshop from Writer's Digest Magazine. But until I purchased your Novel Writing Made Easy System, I was never really enthused with the possibility of actually writing a novel. After completing the first few chapters and producing a bevy of ideas with the "what if" and "Why" questions you teach, I started to become really psyched.

"So when I got the chance to purchase your How To Become a Writer Extraordinaire System, I put the novel aside temporarily. I now am journaling and doing at least one 15 minute timed writing and have garnered even more good ideas as a result. In a couple of weeks I will complete the Writer Extraordinaire System and will turn my full attention to the novel writing course once again. I am very happy to have stumbled onto your writing courses."

--Richard Kershaw,
Freedom, Maine

Here’s What You Get In The
How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire System:

1. A 189-page Manual packed with all the information you must have to become a successful writer. This manual will lay out everything you need to know about yourself, about writing, and about the publishing world to create the successful writing career you want.  You'll learn

 How to have the successful writer's mindset.  You'll create the mindset you need to assure your success.

 An easy writing tool that you can use for only 5 minutes a day to rev up your writing energy and build your writing muscles - practice makes perfect.  You'll learn the best way to practice writing and what this practice can do for you.

 Why emotion is a must in all your writing and the six step process that makes it easy to put emotion in your words - emotionless writing is bad writing.  Learn how to make your writing "sing" with powerful emotion that will wow editors and readers.

 The 12 secrets to writing hypnotic prose - readers are impatient people.  You need to grab them and pull them in and keep their attention.  You'll learn how to keep your readers so happy they won't be able to put down your writing.

 The seven things that editors are looking for in writing that they want to publish.  You'll learn how you can turn out writing that editors will be clamoring to publish.

And much more, plus you get:

2.  A 59-page Taskbook that walks you through the exact steps you need to take to develop the attitude and talent you must have if you want to be a successful writer.

But That's Not All.
Don't Forget Your Bonuses!

Yes, when you purchase the Novel Writing Made Easy System, you also get these free bonuses:

1. The 61-page e-book, The Art of Writing, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Get inside the head of a beloved writer. Valued at $29.

2. The 85-page classic e-book, The Craft of Fiction, by Percy Lubbock. Delve into the traditional aspects of good fiction. Valued at $27.

3. The 45-page e-book, Success by Lord Beaverbrook. This classic book is based on a series of articles that cover essential elements to success. Valued at $29.

4. The 102-page e-book, The Power of Concentration by Theron Q Dumont. It is impossible to take on a project as big as a novel if you can’t concentrate. This classic will help you improve your concentration. Valued at $39.

5. The 372-page e-book, Your Dreams Revealed. A great way to brainstorm novel ideas and turn them into plots is to mine your dreams for gold. This book will help you do that. Valued at $47.

6. The 62-page e-book, Beginner’s Guide To Lucid Dreaming Techniques. You can use the techniques in this book to be a conscious participant in your dreams and use them to improve your creativity. Valued at $29.

7. The 140-page e-book, How To Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin, M.A. This book covers the basic essentials of forming good sentences and paragraphs. Valued at $37.

8. The 20-page e-book, How to Tell A Story by Mark Twain. This witty collection from the brilliant author will get you thinking. Valued at $15.

9. The Special Report, Setting Goals by Paul Smithson. Goal setting is a big part of planning a novel. Learn tips to help you get clear about what you want to do. Valued at $11.

10. The 71-page e-book, The Elements of Character, by Mary Chandler. Get a time-tested viewpoint on developing character. Valued at $27.

11.  The 82-page e-book, The Creative Process In The Individual by T. Troward.  This inspired e-book gives you food for thought about what drives your creative process and how to get the most from it.  Valued at $24.

12. A Scene Outline Template in a Microsoft Word document that you can fill in to create perfect scene outlines you'll have IN YOUR DRAFT DOCUMENT AS YOU WRITE.  Your outline is right there in front of you, but the document is formatted so you can write your draft around the outline.  It doesn't get any easier to write a novel than this!  A $22 value.

 13.  The Special Report, Introduction to Travel Writing and Photography.  Ever thought about writing about your trips or vacations?  Here’s a resource to help you do that.  Valued at $11.
14.  The 412-page e-book, How To Write Special Feature Articles, written by William Grosvenor Bleyer, Ph.D.  This is a timeless textbook for aspiring reporters, correspondents, and free-lance writers who want to contribute to magazines and the features section of newspapers.  Valued at $47.
15.  The 226-page e-book, A Study of Poetry by Bliss Perry.  Written by a Professor of English Literature at Harvard University, this classic text will give you a fascinating and informative look at good poetry and how to write it.  Valued at $39.
16.  The 140-page e-book, How To Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin, M.A.  This book covers the basic essentials of forming good sentences and paragraphs.  Valued at $27.

These bonuses add up to $460.00 worth of template, e-books, and reports you get FREE when you order the Novel Writing Made Easy System. And here’s the best part-you don’t have to wait to get your manual, taskbooks, audios and bonuses. You’ll be able to download the whole novel writing system and the how to become a writer system immediately after you confirm your order.

So what are you willing to pay for this kind of step-by-step, system that allowed me break into the big publisher market without an agent?

Internet marketing experts have told me that The Novel Writing Made Easy System should be priced at $197.  I believe them.  I have purchased dozens of 30-40 page e-books, JUST e-books, without audio, that sold for $27 to $47.  My system has 385 pages of pure how-to content--no fluff--AND 162 pages of taskbook PLUS 5 1/2 hours of audio AND thousands of pages of bonus material.  However, to give you the highest quality information at the most affordable cost possible, I’ve set the price at just $67.

If you were to go on Amazon and buy all the books you’d need to cover the information in this system, you’d spend well over $500 … and you’d end up with a hodge podge of information-more than you need in some areas and less than you need in others.  I give you everything you need to know, but not too much, to have the fun and rewarding lifestyle of a successful book author.

Plus once you buy The Novel Writing Made Easy System, you’ll have it immediately after you download it.  AND you can print it off and write all over it.  If you aren’t happy with it after that, you can still get a refund.  Does Amazon or any other bookseller let you do that?

One little $67 investment could change your life.  Sound over-dramatic?

It's not.  The experience of selling and promoting my novel transformed my life, personally and financially.  Selling your novel can do the same for you.  When you fulfill a purpose or a dream, you become a better person.  Creative expression is the life blood of happiness.

I want you to have fun novel writer lifestyle I’ve created for myself!

Are you ready to let me guide you toward fulfilling your dream of being a book author?

If not, what’s stopping you?

You have 8 weeks to use this easy novel writing system and see what it can do for you. If you don’t like it, you get all your money back. No risk here.

Yes, you read that right. I’m so sure you’ll love the Novel Writing Made Easy set of e-books, I have a No Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the e-books for any reason, you’ll get a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose by ordering the e-books and checking them out.

Worried that this system might not work with the genre of novels you like to write? Well, don't be. This system works with every type of novel - all genres, even literary novels.

Concerned about getting your money's worth?  Check out what these people say:

“Whoa, Andrea, I can’t believe how much information I just got for the price.  I feel like I ripped you off … but I’m not going to send you more money.  LOL.  I love these e-books and audios.  Thanks so much!”

--Rhonda Myerson
Alexandria, Virginia

“Best deal I’ve gotten in a long, long time.  I’m an old fart, and I want to get more than my money’s worth.  So many e-books I’ve bought have really left me feeling screwed.  They’re short and full of filler and very little useful information.  Novel Writing Made Easy is all meat and audios too?  A real deal.  Remember that old Burger King commercial, where’s the beef?  Well, I found it.  It’s in your e-books and audios.  Thanks for such great stuff!”

--Tod Kendrick
Los Angeles, California

I invite you to read back through everything you get in the Novel Writing Made Easy System.  REALLY see what you get.  Just think.  In a matter of a couple of minutes, you can be well on your way to writing your first novel.

“Hi Andrea I bought your e-book about writing novels, and I'm crazy about it. For years I've talked about writing a novel (I'm a writer but do books about computing and the Internet), but I didn't dare to actually start writing the novel. I kept thinking my ideas were too bad, that I could never write a whole book etc. Now, thanks to your book, I've actually started to write, and I'm going through with the project! Thanks for all your help!

--Britt Malka,
Lorie Valley, France

The Novel Writing Made Easy System gives you everything you need to become a successful novelist.

Take the most important step of your life ...

 YES, Andrea! I Want To Order the Novel Writing Made Easy System so I can learn how to write a novel and make writing a great novel easy and fun! And because I'm taking you up on your fantastic offer today, I'm also going to ...

 get 5 ½ hours of audio instruction that will turn me into an awesome writer.

 get the How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire System so I have a success mindset and an expert’s grasp of writing skills.

 get $460.00 worth of bonuses that will give me even more great writing tips and ideas.

All for the incredibly low price of only $67.

To your writing success

Andrea Rains Waggener 

P.S. Getting inside information from someone who knows exactly what it takes to get a novel written and sold is invaluable!  You can get that information for only $67.  Click here to order your Novel Writing Made Easy System.

P.S.S.  Keep in mind that the e-books and audios come with a No Risk Money Back Guarantee.  You have nothing to lose (except writing success).

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